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About Us

Statewide Tank Sweeps LLC

Providing top notch service and peace of mind to New Jersey homeowners.


At Statewide Tank Sweeps LLC, we pride ourselves in our professionalism, reliability, and customer service.  During what is already one of the most stressful times in most peoples lives, we remove one less burden and anxiety from the home buying process.  Don't get stuck with an underground oil tank, call us today!

Statewide Tank Sweeps LLC was founded by Peter Kane.  Peter's background is in the construction and landscape industry, however Peter identified a need for a reliable tank sweeping company after he was in the process of purchasing a home.  In turn, Statewide Tank Sweeps was born!  Peter works with a network of the areas top home inspectors, title agencies, realtors, and contractors to deliver his clients the absolute best service possible.

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