Interior Visual Inspection

First, our trained technician will do a comprehensive inspection of the interior of the home.  The technician will be looking for certain signs of an abandoned or present tank including a vent pipe, copper lines, or gauges.  They will also be looking for signs of an attempt to cover up an oil tank, such as patched holes in walls, filled trenches, etc.

Exterior Visual Inspection

Next, we will be doing an extensive exterior inspection of the home.  What the technician will be looking for includes vent pipes, fill holes, and unusual settlement of the ground.

Ferro Magnetic Sweep of Exterior

During this step of the process our technician will be doing a subsurface detection scan looking for any anomalies underground.  We utilize the industry standard Fisher TW-6 detection system, a top of the line and widely recognized tool for underground tank detection.  During the scan, the technician will check 50' in all directions of the home. (On the property)

Marking of Any Anomalies

At the conclusion of the scan, the technician will have marked out any underground anomalies they may have found.  We utilize bright colored marking paint rather than flags because of the possibility of the flags being removed.

Probing of Any Anomalies

After marking out any anomalies, the technician will probe down 36" in any suspicious areas.  By doing this the technician is trying to determine the nature any anomalies.  At times a false reading can be given for something as simple as a large water pipe.  By probing we can help conclude the validity of any found anomalies.

Delivery of Written Report

After leaving the property, the technician will prepare a detailed and comprehensive report on his findings.  Any and all anomalies will be noted, and photographs will be included.  A recommendation will be given if the technician believes that a certain area needs further evaluation.

If the technician reports that your property is free and clear of any underground oil tank, our Oil Tank Free certificate will be awarded to the property and will be included with the report.

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